Leith Van Schalkwyk

Van Schalkwyk


Co-Founder & Public Relations Director

Leith's Story

Hello! I'm Leith Van Schalkwyk, your go-to communications maven hailing from South Florida. With a knack for crafting compelling copy, I ensure that every word resonates, whether it's a gripping ad, an engaging email, or an insightful blog post. Typos? They don’t stand a chance!

Bridging creativity with functionality, my artistic flair meets a sharp eye for design, ensuring your brand always looks its best. An avid online shopper myself, I'm always a step ahead in the dynamic world of digital marketing. Curiosity is my north star; a quick Google search is always at my fingertips to feed my insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Tech-savvy and meticulous, I navigate the realms of marketing software with ease, adept in email automations, SEO intricacies, lead tracking, and more. Whatever your marketing back-end needs, consider them managed.

My diverse experience spans from global enterprises to startups, freelance gigs, and agency roles, making me versatile and adaptable to any business context. Remote work? That’s my current jam, but I always cherish the camaraderie of collaborative settings.

On a personal note, I'm a proud Gator! I graduated cum laude from the University of Florida, equipped with a deep understanding of public opinion science, mass communication dynamics, and their intricate interplay with individual identities and cultural backgrounds.

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