Philip Parchment



Co-Founder & Creator Architect

Parchment's Story

Philip Parchment isn't just a title-holder at Vita Sanguine; he's the visionary and heartbeat of our brand, embodying the role of Creator Architect and Strategist. With a penchant for the bold, the brave, and the beautiful, Philip has an unparalleled knack for crafting campaigns and conversations that resonate deeply and echo longer.

Every brand has a story, but not all are told with conviction and charisma. Through an amalgamation of critical thinking, boundless imagination, and sheer artistry, Philip refines and redefines brand narratives. His objective? To build powerful emotional connections that transcend mere transactions and earn enduring influence.

In the world of branding, impact is paramount, and Philip is the catalyst accelerating brands to reach their zenith. Understanding that every challenge is unique, he curates small, dedicated teams, each brimming with fervor for your project. The magic lies in cherry-picking the industry's crème de la crème, the kind of unretainable talent that's bespoke for every challenge.

Under Philip's stewardship, Vita Sanguine doesn't just promise results – we deliver magnified impact. With him at the helm, we ensure that your brand isn't just seen, but celebrated.

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